Freight Information

Freight Information

The Following Items Are Not Permitted In Your Baggage

Dangerous Goods

There are many every day items that pose dangers on an aircraft and are therefore forbidden for transport by Air as per the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Restricted Goods

Restricted items cannot be transported as personal effects or unaccompanied baggage to most countries by road, air or sea. Please check with customs office in the airport of destination regarding the acceptance of restricted goods.

Warren Global Logistics Helpful Tips:

  • Take photos of your shipment
  • Label each item clearly – Please note we put our own labels on your freight which includes the final destination and the receivers address
  • Fill out the Airfreight SLI or Seafreight SLI (Shippers Letter of Instruction provided by our team) – Please ensure writing is clear and includes your email address as this is the information will be detailed in your final documentation
  • We recommend completing a detailed packing list
  • We will also require a current copy of photo identification
  • The way that you package the shipment is the way that the shipment moves. Please use strong, sturdy boxes and / or suitcases.